FMP – Evaluation – It’s Over

Well it has been an amazing process.

361MC – Final Media Productions module is coming to it’s end. At the start of the year i was in two minds about how i would treat this module. I din’t know whether i would fear it because there would be so much work or if i would greet it with arms open wide.

I think throughout the whole process it has been a mixture of both. From my original idea about the child with cancer i wish really looking forward to challenging myself, but the project became unstable and to difficult to complete. The fact that i would be working with children creates a a massive problem and there has to be so much organisation and determination to carry on and complete the required checklist in order to create that type of project. For one person, it was too much hassle.

At that point i teamed up with Sunil Singh with his story about four friends who go travelling and come across an extra terrestrial encounter. When i heard this idea, i was intrigued because i have never seen that type of story executed as a short film. It would have been an interesting narrative to get involved in. Then the story started to develop and Michael Abley joined the project, looking at this now i am so happy there were three of us. Between us all we have all contributed and made the project what it is today.  As the tory developed we grew stronger and sorted everything out logistically towards the film, planning recce’s test shoots even 15 or more auditions, we were determined to achieve the best we possibly could.

So after we had the story and the script nailed, we then found the perfect location to suit it. Galloway Forest Park played such a big character in our film because that is where the whole film is shot, we haven’t cheated any shots or any location apart from the reveal shot. Choosing Scotland was an amazing opportunity for us, it was the chance to get out of England and get some nice beautiful footage of the highlands. This is a very good addition to our film, comparing our film to other FMP’s that have been shot brilliantly, they lack the detail of location. There is no big establishing shot, it all looks grey and we kind of know it’s England. there are only a handful of people that went abroad, but keeping that in mind some of the stories are weak, it is the mixture of having a good story as well as a good production that will make your film progress. So after we knew we were going to film in Scotland we nailed all of the Pre-Production and got it all down to a tee in terms of organisation. The when it came to production it was a different story.

The production went swift a smooth after we made a big alteration to the schedule. Over the three days we shot a lot and there was a lot of work completed by the crew which we have thanked them greatly for. When we got to Scotland there was a big change it light, and the da’s became longer so we had to re-jig the schedule and we were on our way. This was a big setback, but we did keep calm about it, because we were not going to blow this chance and ruin the film. So the first day we filmed most of the montage as well as the cabin, leaving day two to concentrate on the mian parts of the film. This didn;t go to plan considering two generators broke down on us, but again we thought quickly and decided to film the rest of the cabin shots. leaving us with the hardest shoot on the last day. We finished ll the montage stuff off leaving the mammoth night shoot, which in total was 7 hours through the night. It was intense but an amazing experience. I wouldn’t change anything apart from having a different generator.

So we left it all to do in post-production, which again went swiftly and with the teams organisation  it was a brilliant process. the major hiccup here was sound and we did fix that after some excellent work from our included team members. We created three edits, two which were rough and the final one with one trailer as well. it has to be said we really did come a long way in 6 months.

So overall the project has been amazing, the experience i have got from taking part in this mammoth task and project was a mazing. I have learned so much as an individual and the skills and technical ability that i have picked up over this project and the last three years have really shaped into a positive professional media producer.


FMP – ‘Convolution’ Film

So with the film edited and finished it was time to distribute.

Now due to our degree show coming up in the next few weeks e have decided to put it online and password protect simply to keep it exclusive and popular. We have big plans for this film and we plan to enter into two local film festivals. One of them being Roots 2 Shoots and the other being Rapid Eye Movement. Both festivals are quite popular and are very well known, so it will be good exposure for the film. We would preferably want it to be shown at the festival before the degree show, so we can get some feedback and make some changes. That will be unlikely considering the nearest venets for these two festivals are after May the 31st 2013, which is the launch date for our degree show.

So instead we will get feedback by showing family and friends and tighten up the edit even more. So this was our third edit, and we were happy with the final result. It was a a good execution, however there are some tweaks needed in order to polish it even more. W so plan to complete this in time for the degree show.

FMP – ‘Convolution’ Trailer

Below is the edit of the second draft trailer, to date we have three trailers.

The third trailer is currently undergoing a polish in time for the degree show on the 31st of May 2013. This trailer we hop to have some punch music which carries that enigmatic theme as well as quick paced shots which represent our film on a whole new level. This draft however is a good development form our first edit. Maintain the enigmatic theme it is slower than the third one will be but it gives time to the audience to buy into the film and become apart of it. Comparing this trailer to the first, we have come a long way into representing our film. When we got feedback off our first trailer people said the footage looked nice. that was it, but now after watching it they are aslo intrigued by the story and narrative making them wanting to watch it.

FMP – ‘Convolution’ – Editing Process

When we finished the production of the film we had a meeting about what would be the next few steps.

Between me, Michael and Sunil, we knew that we could all get the work done together. Due to the sound being a bit off, we decided to get a sound designer involved, that was a contact from Sunil and Michael. So from that point they took control of the edit. At that time though we had to re-schedule a time where we could film our title sequence  Sunil Singh planned this leaving the edit to Michael. I then took it upon myself to work on the marketing and distribution as well as finishing the production folder.

Michael Abley produced our first trailer around two weeks ago. the feedback we got was that it was beautifully shot and it creates the enigmatic theme that we have been looking for. The only criticism that we received was the fact that the music was not suited to the film. We took great positives from tis and thought it was a good stepping stone into the development process.

With Sunil Singh still occupied planning the title sequence shoot, he also decided to create log sheets for the sound and video making the editing process swifter. All we would then have to do is pick our favourite clip, match the audio and we cold continue editing. We were in two minds about what software to use for the edit. We didn’t know whether to Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. Over the last few years me and Sunil Singh have been big fans of FCP (Final Cut Pro), but Michael insisted on using premier pro, telling us it would suit the project better. there was no reason to say no, so we decided to roll with.

Now looking back at it, i have to say it is the best decision we have made so far. In terms of the edit the details and the extremities we have gone to to make it look beautiful was intense  but that was due to the actual program. 

The first rough cut included the sequence being put together without the adjustment of sound. It was a very rough edit, the story was starting to take shape though and in terms of a final product, it did it’s job as an edit. You could understand the story, the elements had an impact on an audience it was the development we were looking for. One thing that we did understimate was the sound. Looking at it now if we could go back and change the option of using a generator or a silent generator, i will pick silent everytime  It has distorted so much audio it is ridiculous. I mentioned this point during our test shoot, but again we did estimate how loud it would be. we kept it 35 feet away from the actual scene and we could still here it. won’t be using a generator soon, thats for sure. 

We were happy with our first edit. We produced that last week, so coming into our final weeks with everything else complete, we could concentrate on nothing else but the film. This decision will benefit us regardless because this is the final product to all the hard work we have put in this year, and we wanted it faultless. So in the second edit, we decided to letter box and be a bit experimental with the audio. t this point we had been in discussion with our sound design artist, and we would be giving him the audi in the next few days so we decied to craete another edit which he could work from. This again was a good step. After tightening up the shots, the filmed moved with paced and flowed smoothly the only thing that kept it edgy was the sound. So we left this with our sound design artist to see what he could conjure up. 

A week before hand in we looked at the last edit we had created  we were happy. We were in a good position and we had made a lot of progress. Whilst Sending the sound of to sound design  we got in contact with a composer who we involved at the start of the module for our soundtrack. He was developing music for the work and as the days passed we got the audio back from sound design and we had the soundtrack.

So with everything in hand we completed the last and final edit before hand in. It was amazing. With all of the video synched perfectly, the only thing that remained was the audio. I was kind of impressed with the sound, but honestly i was expecting more. We now had sound effects, noise gates, ambient sunds. It all sounded real, it looked like a film and we were happy. The final task was to colour grade and with Michael Abley’s skills in grading it was no issue for him. We kept the night times dark with a hint of able to keep that surreal effect and in the daytime we brought more of these rich colours out to show how beautiful the film was.

Overall we have done well. from starting with an initial idea on a piece of paper to an 8 minute film that looks incredible is a big step, we can’t have done it any better. 

FMP – ‘Convolution’ – Title Sequence Shoot

So with the main part of the project already filmed we had one more small task of a video shoot.

We had everything except the opening title sequence to the film. Thinking about it now it was a very good thing that we left this until after the main shoot because we needed to find a home where we could film. The original idea was to film this part in Scotland too, but we could not find the location we wanted, causing us to make separate shoot date.

We approached this shoot in the same process as we did with our main Scotland shoot. Sunil Singh developed the shots list, storyboards and schedule. So we had everything planned like we did in Scotland we just needed to do it. One thing which we did change was the crew. Instead of having a big crew, we decided to stay small staying in the same roles we did for the shoot in Scotland. Sunil directed, Michael was the producer and i was the Director Of Photography. We knew that we worked fast and efficient as a trio, so we decided to do it between us. We changed a few crew members because some were unavailable to shoot on this particular day. Below are the documents that we created for this shoot in order to ensure it runs smoothly, they include the:

Overall the shoot went well, it was a very quick and easy shoot compared to Scotland. There wasn’t much going to wrong because the shoot was indoor mainly. We started filming at 11 at the house and we roughly finished at three. Overall i think we filmed 30-40 shots of them walking out the house. These shots however will be quick cuts because it is the opening title sequence so it was important to approach it in a professional way and produce a fantastic opening. We were a bit weary simply because we we wanted to know if we had filmed absolutely everything, there was a bit of doubt, but in all honesty i think  it was just the crew not wanting to let go off the project.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 08.40.35

Originally we went to Scotland originally to film the night sky, because that also plays an interesting characteristic in our film  Galloway Forest park is one of the hotspots to stargaze and this as well as the amazing location was the reason we chose o film there, but because of what happend with the weather, generator and light problems, there was not enough time to film that. So we took this opportunity to do just that.

We first went back to Sunil’s house and looked at the footage, we backed it up and we went over some audio parts from the script and re-shot some of them to dub over in the actual film. This shot only included Tyler (Jack Hodges). So we dropped Catherine at the station and she left, but after this we went to Coombe and we produce the final shot in ‘Convolution. The last shot was a POV of himself looking over to represent the fact it was himself who he saw on the floor, meaning there was a shift in time allowing Tyler to be trapped in a mathematical sequence.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 08.40.03

After that we shouted ‘it’s a wrap’ and we had finished filming. So we had a lot to do in the next few days with editing, but we were confident it can be completed.


FMP – ‘Convolution’ – EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

With everything else being check off the list over the last few days, this document that i have created is probably the most influential one of them all. The EPK gives a general insight of the film to the press and public about how it was created. It is generated in order to help promote and sell your film, but it is this document that speaks volumes of importance to thousands before your film is even released  if we think about how a trailer teases us and prepares us for what the film is going to be about. The EPK does the same thing.

There several things that you need to include your EPK and these are vital:

  • Synopsis
  • Production Stills
  • Behind the scenes
  • Cast & Crew Bios
  • FAQ
  • Contact

Over the last few weeks, as a group we have ket this information noted down in several places, ready to pull it together in one book. essentially this one book has been months of work and i have to say it looks professional. In order of presentation, i chose to create the first draft of the EPK in ibook, allowing it easier to show on apple devices, however after the first draft was completed, we re-shaped an moulded it to make the EPK truly our own. We do plan to get it printed but below are the two designs. They are both 24 pages each, the last draft is the official EPK.

– Convolution EPK (Draft 1)

– Convolution EPK (Final Draft)

We have kept a similar theme throughout the EPK, which matches our other promotional materials. The EPK looks very nice and professional, i have to say the finish is quite nice and professional. I think this going hand in hand with everything else we have created sets us up well to promote our film in the correct and professional way.

FMP – ‘Convolution’ – Marketing – Website Creation

Over the last fe days a lot of stuff has been created.

The film is starting to come together after months of work. The first rough cut of the film is complete and they are jus deciding to grade a bit. I have decided to continue to promote the film.

One think that i keep thinking about is after i show an audience my film where can they get more information, how will people stumble across this film without me telling them about it. So going hand in hand with business cards and flyers i decided to create a website for the film.

Websites are very common things and almost any product, film or company has one. It promotes themselves, promotes their services and most importantly it tells you about them. In the media industry everything or anything ha a website. If its a camera, the company that makes it has a website, professionals that are in the industry have websites as their portfolio’s. Films even have websites where they distribute information for their audience to get excited about.  So for ‘Convolution’ what will i create in order to make my audience happy. What will they want from us. we are probably looking at pictures  trailers, behind the scenes videos, blogs information about the film. Any minor details that explain who, what, where, when, why and how it was made will interets them.

Again keeping with the theme the best idea would be keeping the page all black, nice and simple. I am then think have four tabs. On the main home page you are embedded with the trailer of the film. These four tabs, the first tab will be about which will include information about the film as well as behind the scenes videos and pictures. The second tab will be a press tab, so any interviews or any questions the press would like to ask us about the film, they will be able to contact us from her. The third tab will have information about when and where we are screening it as well as FAQ’s (frequently asked question). Then the last and final pages will be about how you can contact us.

We think this page will be quite important, one of the main reason we are marketing and promoting this film so much, is because we want more work after university which is freelance so if we do a good job and impress the professionals we thin we can achieve that goal. Below are designs of the website. we hope to have it running live in the next few days.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 21.50.07 911969_10151571226549043_307311661_n